Monday, November 13, 2006

JJB Strike

GMB members working at JJB Sports are set for further strike action on 15th and 16th November to improve pay and conditions. A striker who spoke at the 'Organising for Fighting Unions' conference at the weekend condemned millionaire owner Dave Whelan for his aggresive anti-union approach and his paltry pay offer which amounted to 1p per hour for low paid workers, just above the minimum wage.

Ex Chelsea, Liverpool and Scotland footballer David Speedie has been breaking the law and supplying scab workers through his employment agency Lightyear Recruitment Ltd. 2 other companies are also flouting the law.The GMB have protested outside the DTI at their failure to take action against the scabbing companies.

A delivery driver injured 3 pickets this week when he deliberately ran over a promotional canopy which collapsed injuring the strikers, with one requiring hospital treatment. Yet again we are seeing the working class attacked by ruthless millionaires who are only concerned with their profits.

Contact: Sandra Blight, GMB Lancashire Regional Officer on 07740 804049 or Steve Pryle, GMB Press Office on 07921 289880 or Rose Conroy on 07974 251823.
Scab agencies
Bond Personnel 01942 743270, Heads Personnel 0161 746 8811, Light Year 01942 511159.


Blogger left4blogs said...

We heard a couple of strikers from JJB speak on the weekend and interviewed them about the real struggles they have just making ends meet. Union organisers in the workplace have been suspended and sacked.

Some of these people only earn £180 a week - and JJB Sports, although claiming to be struggling in a competitve market, made £18.2m in pre-tax profits to July this year.

Good luck to them in their efforts. They deserve better than this.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Union at jjb has caused a lot of trouble. Pushing things not all it's members want. ie moving pay dates. this was forced on the company as part of the deal to end strike action and will cause a lot of hardship among it's members who relied on the "5 week Pay Months" to make ends meet. The sooner the GMB F off out of jjb the better. and i'm a member for ME not the "we can't be touched" stewards. Try telling that to chris riley. The GMB have offered little or no support after his dismissal was ok'd by sandra blight and john stewart as to save john's ass after he verbally abused a manager about his parentage. John Stewart thinks he is holier than thou and his attitude changed when he was arrested for allegedly possesing a firearm on the picket line.

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