Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Brown's Empire


Gordon Brown sets out his neo-liberal plans for free trade. He slams the anti-globalisation movement and wants them out of the way. A well know apologist for the Empire and Imperialism, Brown does not even hide his goal of furthering the neo-liberal agenda.

He has a rather distorted view of history when he claims that 'in the 19th Century Britain led the world in equating free trade with liberty...when business and politicians came together for that shared purpose'

So he means the liberty in Africa, where resources were plundered, people were used as slaves, countless were killed and poverty remains. The same liberty in India where people were starved as food was being shipped to the British and they were lorded over by colonial rulers. The liberty that saw a million perish in the Potato Famine in Ireland. The list goes on

We should not be suprised at this from Brown. He is the person who has been writing blank cheques for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has told us there is no money to pay our pensions. He has told us there is no money for our hospitals. And he is the person who is going to continue Blairite neo-liberal policies should he win the Labour leadership.

The time for looking to the Labour Party for answers is over. This morally bankrupt party is full of neo-liberals and reactionaries and has nothing to offer working class people.


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