Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Go Now!

Time is well and truly up for Tony Blair. With newspapers speculating on the date of his departure, Blair seems to be desparately clinging on to office in a style reminiscent of the last days of the Thatcher administration.

As MP's are telling him to go, the former Blairite MP Tom Watson has resigned

Following this potentially damaging resignation Blair is now critically weakened. Plans for a smooth transition and the coronation of Gordon Brown now seem doubtful with left-wing MP John McDonnell having already launched his leadership campaign and rumours of a cabinet level challenge, possibly Stalinist bully-boy John Reid

As Blair is weak, it makes the 23rd September demonstration more important than ever. We must send the message to the new leader that we will not go away and that the morally defunct New Labour machine cannot continue with its assaults on working class people and cannot continue to blindly follow on the coat tails of the US in their imperialist wars. It is the strength of the anti-war movement that has helped to weaken Blair and we must continue to show our strength in the wake of new challenges to come

It all reminds me of this wonderful Spitting Image piece when the knives were out for Thatcher

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Time To Go!

See the video below if you are not yet convinced.